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The ten most common complaints we hear every day from owners making the switch to SHPM.

1. We can never phone the office and speak to the one person more than twice.

2. We have a different property manager each time we ring the

3. Our property hasn’t had a routine inspection in over 6 months.

4. Do you issue a copy of the RI report? Wow we are still waiting
to see ours in over 12 months.

5. Have been trying to view these vacant properties but the
property manager never returns our call or responds to our

6. I can’t make the home open and the agent won’t make a
suitable time to accommodate my work roster, so I keep
missing out on finding a rental with so many vacant properties
on the market.

7. I have reported maintenance to my Property Manager but
nothing ever gets done. I don’t think the owner even knows
they have a hole in their ceiling from the recent down pour.

8. The agent released the tenant’s bond and left us with a
massive clean up and repair bill.

9. The agent didn’t even know our tenant was more than 4
weeks in arrears.

10. Our owner disbursement never seems to be consistent
causing our loan repayments to be late.

If you are an owner or tenant experiencing any of the above issues with your agent, then it’s time for you to make the switch to SHPM.

At Sue Heggs Property Management you are dealing with the owner of the business, the licensee, the property manager and the finance manager at all times.

Contact guaranteed 24/7.

We have a dedicated Senior Property Inspection Manager that is employed solely to complete routine inspections on your property – guaranteed quarterly –

Breaches will be issued if the property is not up to scratch and yes, we re-inspect FREE OF CHARGE.

Yes you receive a very detailed report of the routine inspection with photos.

We report all maintenance to the owner the same day and work order issued immediately upon owner approval. No maintenance is ordered without the owner’s consent.

We only do private viewings – so we show your property when it suits the tenant not when it suits the agent.

Owner disbursements are paid weekly – guaranteed!

A tenant’s bond is not released until the owner signs off on it – guaranteed!

So if you want to relieve the stress of property investment and trust a local independent agent with over 20 years experience in residential property management – then now is the time to make the switch.

No we are not the cheapest agent on the market – however we take on the managements from those owners who went with the cheapest agent to restore their property and minimise their loss.

Remember, you only get what you pay for.

Saving on management fees today will cost you more in the long run – GUARANTEED!

Contact Sue Heggs today on 0412 160 438 and find out why we are the fastest growing independent agent in the North of Perth.

Five Star Service guaranteed.

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