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Sue Heggs

Senior Property Manager

“You are going to ask how qualified am I to manage a property that could easily represent the life savings of an individual – So let me tell you about me.

Having started my career at the age of 16, I was very fortunate to land my first job with one of Western Australia’s largest real estate agents of the 80’s and 90’s with prestigious offices situated in West Perth.

Starting off my career at the bottom answering the phone/reception duties where I found a desire to do so much more.  I was then transferred to the Commercial & Industrial Departments as the accounts administrator for the sales, leasing and property management departments within the agency. I was under the strict supervision of the senior Trust Accountant.

After a very short period of time, my senior decided to leave the company and the Directors saw a lot of potential in me and rather than replacing the retiring person with another Trust Accountant, they offered me the position. I was then taken under the wing, a lovely Scottish lady, who taught me everything I know today.  With many years of long hours and hard work, I quickly became the right hand advisor to the Directors of the company.

The rest is history…… with over 20 years’ experience working in Residential and Commercial real estate, primarily in accounting and office management roles, I decided it was time to obtain my  registration and become a Senior Property Manager shortly followed by completing my Diploma in Property Services, receiving my Triennial Certificate by the Department of Commerce on 13th June 2017 (RA74682)

I am now the owner and Managing Director of my own ‘EXCLUSIVE’ residential portfolio for Sue Heggs Property Management, successfully managing my personal portfolio acquired over the years where I have built up a wonderful rapport and dependence with my owners and tenants. Many of my owners are at ease knowing that their retirement plan is in safe hands. The dedication and commitment I offer to my owners and tenants is next to none, knowing I am always available at any time of day or night for any concerns, queries or just a chat.  I have many owners who like to ring up just to say “hello” from all parts of the globe. This is what I call ‘pure satisfaction from a job well done’.

If you would like to know more about myself, the services I provide and to find out what makes Sue Heggs Property Management stand out from the rest, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0412 160 438.

Meet the Team

SHPM are pleased to announce the permanency of our latest Senior Property Inspection Manager – Paula Johnston.

Paula has been with us now for a few months and has proven to be an absolute asset to our agency.

We are extremely fortunate to have Paula as part of our exclusive management services.

Paula has been employed within the Real Estate Industry for nearly 20 years including working within Real Estate advertising, Real Estate Sales & Admin, Property Leasing and Property Management. Over this 20 years in Real Estate, she has only ever been with two Agencies, hence, she is a dedicated lady who thrives on her passion for the industry and the Company she works for.

As she has lived in the coastal suburb of Mindarie for a couple of decades and always worked in the same region, she also has a strong knowledge and understanding of our community and way of life.

Paula always prides herself on delivering a quality and personalised service to her clients and employer’s alike.


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